Prix Italia calling

Back after the break. And already in full swing again… Currently, among many other things, I am preparing for Prix Italia in Turin.

On 21 September 2015, I’ll be participating in a three-hour panel discussion, including a variety of presentations, entitled “News and User-Generated Content.” We will be talking about the role of user-generated content / eywitness media in the news business, related challenges, strategies, pitfalls and more. Surely, verification of UGC will also feature heavily in it.

The oranisers have put together an impressive line-up. With me on the panel are

The session is moderated by Jenny Sargent of Eyewitness Media Hub and Tom Trewinnard of Meedan / Checkdesk.

Surely, it promises to be an interesting gathering of experts debating all facets of an exciting topic. I am looking very much forward to playing my part in it.

So if you happen to be in Turin later in September or – even better – if this has inspired you to go to Prix Italia 2015, we look very much forward to welcoming you there. See you in Turin!

Note: in an earlier version of this post, Caroline Bannock, UGC social and community editor at The Guardian and Mark Little, founder of Storyful (now part of News Corporation) were listed as participants. Both had to cancel their participation due to other commitments, and hence have been removed from the participants list above.


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