REVEAL workshop on 16 September 2016

Image by Ruben Bouwmeester

Image by Ruben Bouwmeester

On Friday 16 September 2016 the REVEAL project consortium, in which I am involved, is hosting a one day workshop south of Athens, Greece, in which participants will raise and discuss various aspects of social media verification. This includes showcasing how technology can aid in the process, discuss existing challenges, and point to possible solutions. All this with a cear view to journalistic and news media needs and requirements.


In addition to two expert keynotes, to be delivered by Dhruti Shah of the BBC and Sam Dubberley of Eyewitness Media Hub (both confirmed), three research projects co-funded by the European Commission will be showcased. The focus there lies on especially on individual project approaches, undertaken work, results achieved and ways ahead. In addition to REVEAL these are: PHEME and InVID.

The event is free of charge, but requires prior registration. Don’t miss out and use this excellent networking opportunity and chance to discuss various aspects of user-generated content / eyewitness media verification!

For further information visit the respective article on the REVEAL website.

PS / disclaimer: I am involved in the REVEAL project as well as in InVID, and one of the organisers of this event.




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