Back after the Break – Hanover next (5 September)

The summer break is sort of over. After a bit of time off, I am getting back into the swing of things. This includes picking up where I left off a few weeks ago, plus a few new speaking assignments.

My next public appearance will be on 5 September when I’ll be speaking at the First International SoBigData Workshop in Hanover, Germany. The event is hosted in conjunction with the TPDL 2016 conference (TPDL, by the way, stands for “Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries”.

I was asked to speak on the importance and value, plus prospective challenges, of big data in news and the newsroom. Something I have been dealing with for some time… So if you fancy coming along (the event is free of charge) let’s meet in Hanover on 5 September. I’ll be on stage at 1.30 pm (right after lunch…), and my presentation is entitled “Handling the Truth: UGC Data in News. Benefits & Challenges”.  See you there?

UPDATE: it’s over now. I talked to about 45 people and got quite some positive feedback. Seems like the hardcore R&D community is always eager to hear some real-life examples, showing what is happening “on the shop floor.” Good new contacts established, too.


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