Report: 10 Recommendations by the Taskforce on Disinformation and the War in Ukraine

On 3 March 2022 the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), where I serve as an Advisory Board member, established a so-called Taskforce on Disinformation and the War in Ukraine. I had the honor to be involved as an active participant in the task force and work with a group of distinguished experts from the fields of academia, journalism, media and civil society. Involvement in the activity was done in participants’ personal capacity.

The group, chaired by Dr. Claire Wardle, met on a weekly basis to discuss developments and trends in relation to disinformation in the context of the war in Ukraine. We also looked at the topic more widely.

In addition to individual investigations and blog posts (all available on the EDMO website) the task force members wrote and published a final report at the end of June 2022 entitled 10 Recommendations by the Taskforce on Disinformation and the War in Ukraine. The report lists 10 recommendations for policy makers, technology companies, as well as newsrooms and civil society related to the countering of disinformation. It is based on observations, research activities and discussions over the three months the task force was active.

10 recommendations outlined and published: far fewer pages than depicted here

While the task force has wrapped up its work for the time being with the final report, the topic remains of vital importance and requires continued attention.


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