Recap: CEDMO 2022 Conference “Europe Tackles Information Chaos” – videos of all sessions available

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The CEDMO International Conference (#CIC2022) is over. It was a big success. Over 1.5 days, from 22-23 September 2022, experts and stakeholders from various sectors spoke about a wide range of topics that all deal with information disorder and ways to counter disinformation. The conference, organized by the CEDMO project under the auspices of the Czech Presidency of the European Union, was attended by about 200 people physically. More joined online.

If you did not get a chance to attend yourself, or want to revisit some of the session, you can do so on-demand and online. Below (just a few clicks away), you find the links to the respective sessions.

Talks of 22 September 2022

Grand Opening (in which I spoke in my role as Chairman of the CEDMO Advisory Board, outlining some of the challenges news media organisations and journalists are confronted with).

Shortly before the Grand Opening, feat. EU Vice President Vera Jourova


Look who’s talking: Chinese and Russian propaganda & disinformation in Europe

Changing hearts and minds: the role of factchecking

Impact of disinformation on the society

Technology & AI (where I presented the WeVerify verification plug-in and took part in a follow-up panel discussion).

Talks of 23 September 2022

Disinformation, media freedom & journalism (where I gave a talk on how innovation and technology can support in countering disinformation, and what media organisations should watch out for).

Ukraine and Covid 19: challenges and lessons learned

Media and information literacy in the age of global crisis and confrontations


All photos courtesy of the CEDMO project.


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