“Alles Lüge”!?



Nach der Sommerpause hielt ich am 31. August 2017 einen Vortrag auf der Veranstaltung “Media 3.0″ – der Expertenkonferenz für Media Convergence” der Berliner Condat AG. Thema meiner Ausführungen: “Alles Lüge” – Falschinformationen in sozialen Netzwerken, und wie dagegen angehen. Ein aus etwa 50 Personen bestehendes Fachpublikum hatte sich zum Event am Vortag der IFA 2017 eingefunden. Für alle Interessierten stelle ich die Folien meines Vortrags (in leicht modifizierter Form) hier zur Verfügung.


Workshop on Multimedia Verification in October 2017

I know, there’s still some time left, but better being early than too late: Vasileios Mezaris and Symeon Papadopoulos of CERTH-ITI, Lyndon Nixon of MODUL Technology GmbH, and I (for Deutsche Welle), are organising the “1st International Workshop on Multimedia Verification (MuVer2017)”. It is held in conjunction with the ACM Multimedia Conference, which will take place from 23 – 27 October 2017 in Mountain View, CA, USA. The workshop is an initiative of the InVID project (focus: video verification) in which all the above “programme chairs” are actively involved.

There is a Call for Papers (deadline: 19 July 2017) and, of course, anybody interested in the topic is most welcome to attend. The goal of the workshop is “to bring together multimedia and video processing researchers, social media researchers, digital multimedia forensics experts, new media professionals, as well as multimedia and social sharing platform representatives” to present, discuss and share advances and open challenges in multimedia verification.

For more info about the workshop, paper submission requirements and related information please visit the workshop page.

‘Fake News’: wieso, weshalb, warum (und was ist das überhaupt)?

Quelle: Pixabay, CCO

Quelle: Pixabay, CCO

Der Begriff ‘Fake News’ wird aktuell inflationär gebraucht. Jeder versteht darunter etwas anderes. Zeit, ein paar Gedanken dazu anzustellen und aufzuschreiben. Fokus meiner Betrachtungen: die Verbreitung von Falschnachrichten sowie das Aufspüren und Verifizieren von Informationen in und mit digitalen Medien.

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Talking Head…

In the coming weeks, I’ll be at quite a few events, talking primarily about so-called ‘fake news’ (meanwhile, I hate the term, as it can mean all or nothing, and it means different things to different people), verification of user-generated content and how to deal with content residing in social networks. More info about public appearances can be found in the “Presentations” section of this blog. If you are interested in talking to me directly, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either electronically, or by approaching me at any of the listed events. Looking forward!


Talk at “Correcting Images 2016” / Bildkorrekturen Leipzig

Myself @bildkorrekturen. Image Sabine Witt

Myself @bildkorrekturen. Image Sabine Witt

On 19 November I spoke at the conference “Correcting Images 2016: Digitalisation and Development”  in Leipzig. The title of my 1-hour speech (I know that’s long, but judging by comments and feedback received afterwards the audience found it interesting and worth waking up – and then staying awake – for :): Social Media Content for Journalism and News Reporting: Benefits and Challenges – Focus on Verification.

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Organising and moderating a workshop on social newsgathering and UGC verification


Round table discussion. Image by Ruben Bouwmeester

Last week was a busy week! Had a project meeting in Athens from 14-14 September, followed by a REVEAL workshop that I organised with my dear colleagues Nikos Sarris and Eva Jaho of ATC’s iLab and moderated myself. It was all very much worth it! Lots of very positive feedback, and many inspiring takeaways (and I am not referring to the food here, but rather food for thought!). I sum it all up in an article that appeared on the REVEAL project website first, and then was re-posted – with minor modifications – on the DW Innovation Blog. So if you want to find out more: check it out! Or see the Twitter hashtag #smvw16 for comments and feedback about the event.

Back after the Break – Hanover next (5 September)

The summer break is sort of over. After a bit of time off, I am getting back into the swing of things. This includes picking up where I left off a few weeks ago, plus a few new speaking assignments.

My next public appearance will be on 5 September when I’ll be speaking at the First International SoBigData Workshop in Hanover, Germany. The event is hosted in conjunction with the TPDL 2016 conference (TPDL, by the way, stands for “Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries”.

I was asked to speak on the importance and value, plus prospective challenges, of big data in news and the newsroom. Something I have been dealing with for some time… So if you fancy coming along (the event is free of charge) let’s meet in Hanover on 5 September. I’ll be on stage at 1.30 pm (right after lunch…), and my presentation is entitled “Handling the Truth: UGC Data in News. Benefits & Challenges”.  See you there?

UPDATE: it’s over now. I talked to about 45 people and got quite some positive feedback. Seems like the hardcore R&D community is always eager to hear some real-life examples, showing what is happening “on the shop floor.” Good new contacts established, too.