Automating Verification?

This was the title of a session I organised and moderated at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. It looked at the role of technology in the verification process, status of affairs, various activities and challenges the sector is having to deal with. With me on the podium were  from UK factchecking organisation FullFact; , from Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps; , City University London, Dept. of Journalism; and from social news agency Storyful. You can watch a video of the entire session here (starting after 23 seconds).



Social Media and News – an Introductory Selection of Reading Material

This list is just a small selection. It includes publications that deal with various aspects of social media and news, covering a wide range such as platforms, distribution strategies, production issues, trauma, trends, the misinformation ecosystem and more. It is thus nowhere near complete, but merely intended as some starting material into a topic about which much has been written in the recent past. More surely is to come. In compiling the list, I included primarily publications that are freely and directly accessible.

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Prix Italia calling

Back after the break. And already in full swing again… Currently, among many other things, I am preparing for Prix Italia in Turin.

On 21 September 2015, I’ll be participating in a three-hour panel discussion, including a variety of presentations, entitled “News and User-Generated Content.” We will be talking about the role of user-generated content / eywitness media in the news business, related challenges, strategies, pitfalls and more. Surely, verification of UGC will also feature heavily in it.

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